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2012’s Top 25 CEOs (According to Their Employees)

Chief Executive ranks CEOs using complex financial data to determine the Most Valuable CEOs. But what our list doesn’t include are the companies whose employees think the most highly of their CEOs. This list shows which companies are on board with their CEOs. The top 5: Apple’s Tim Cook, Ernst & Young’s Jim Turley, QUALCOMM’s Paul Jacobs, American Express’ Ken Chenault and Google’s Larry Page. You might be surprised who else tops the list. CEO Briefing Newsletter April 5 2012

CEO Job Board: Five Openings in Software Development, e-Commerce and Biotech

CEO, Software Development: Seattle, WA CEO, e-Commerce Start-Up: Silicon Valley CEO, Biomedical Company: New York, NY CEO, Fashion & Accessories: [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter April 5 2012

CEOs vs. Movie Stars: Whose Talent is Worth More and Why?

Whereas A-list actors and actresses often receive $10 to $30 million per film plus 10 to 20% of gross profits, [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter March 29 2012

Family Businesses Should Plan Now for Rising Gift Tax

For CEOs of small or family-owned businesses, 2012 is an important year for succession planning. Starting in 2013 the exemption for gift taxes will fall from $5.12 million to $1 million dollars. Should you start turning over the family business now? CEO Briefing Newsletter March 29 2012

Creativity Lessons from Charles Dickens and Steve Jobs

Over 1600 CEOs told IBM that creativity is the most important skill for a CEO to have. And since creativity has declined by 20% since 1980 (funded R&D as a share of GDP), it’s important for companies to reset focus on what’s important, innovation. Charles Dickens and Steve Jobs are two creative geniuses from which any CEO can draw lessons. One thing both Dickens and Jobs viewed as important? Getting out of the office and into unfamiliar environments. CEO Briefing Newsletter March 29 2012

The 4 Imperatives for Successfully Investing in Your Business

Most CEOs know that, in theory, their companies require resources (money, time, human capital, etc.) to be invested where they [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter March 29 2012

4 Keys to Successfully Managing Your Management Team

Meetings with your senior executives can be productive or destructive, and the unspoken etiquette between your execs can make or break a meeting. So here are four ways the CEO can control the meeting and ensure that it accomplishes all you need it to. The first two rules? Listen to the right voices and stop being the “Decider in Chief.” CEO Briefing Newsletter March 29 2012

Where Do You Draw the Line Between a CEO’s Corporate and Personal Life?

When CEOs need to blow off steam, many turn to extreme hobbies like racing yachts, flying planes or even space travel. But since these activities are dangerous (and can be fatal) should corporate boards be allowed to regulate a CEO’s extracurricular activities? Where do you draw the line between a CEO’s corporate life and his personal life? CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Life March 22 2012

6 Lessons for CEOs from ‘Boy CEO’ Mark Zuckerberg

We all know the stale tale of how Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard to focus on Facebook, but the lesson for CEOs is how Zuckerberg became a skillful manager able to scale his company to monster proportions despite his utter lack of management experience. Here’s what other CEOs can learn from this self-taught CEO. CEO Briefing Newsletter March 22 2012

4 New CEO Job Openings: Engineering, Manufacturing and Not-for-Profit

CEO, Manufacturing Consumer Packaged Goods: Bellevue, WA CEO, MEI Triple Five Engineering: Houston, TX President and CEO, Manufacturing Food and [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter March 21 2012

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