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Health Care Spending per Capita, 1980-2009

  Control Your Rising Health Care Costs Join us for this exclusive webinar on January 25th CEOs need to understand [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter January 17 2012

54% of CEOs Say Top Spot is More Complex than Expected, Feel Isolated from Staff

A new survey from RHR International has insights into the current pysche of the public company CEO; 50% of CEOs feel isolated and 50% feel increased pressure to perform well financially in a short period of time. Are the external pressures on CEOs leading them to make the best long-term decisions?

JP Donlon CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Life January 12 2012

Best Metro Areas for Hiring & Pay 2011

It’s no surprise that some cities are faring better than others in this economy. Below is a list, compiled by [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter January 12 2012

90 Percent of CEOs Expect Romney to Be GOP Nominee, but Only 44 Percent Say He is 1st Choice

When asked which GOP candidate is most likely to take the nomination, 89.4% of CEOs expect that Mitt Romney will end up on the ballot. Though Romney is still the most popular candidate among CEOs, nowhere near 90% favor him over all the rest. Just under 44% (43.9%) favor Romney, but 17.5% like Gingrich, 12.3% Huntsman and 10.7% are going for Santorum. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Election Center January 12 2012

Improvisation May Be the Key to Successfully Managing Change, Says MIT

MIT research notes that, “contrary to conventional wisdom, the most successful business transformations aren’t always those with the most detailed upfront plans.” The MIT Leadership Center’s research stresses the importance of organizational flexibility in taking advantage of new technologies and safeguarding yourself against unanticipated consequences. CEO Briefing Newsletter January 10 2012

Warren Buffet and 69 Percent of CEOs Cautiously Optimistic for 2012

Warren Buffett went on an acquisition spree, dropping more cash in Q3 2011 than any quarter in the last 15 years. With purchases of around $24 billion, Buffett’s buying bender indicates some renewed sense of confidence in the future of business conditions. Not all CEOs are quite as optimistic as Buffett, but many are cautiously investing and hiring. Sixty-nine percent of CEOs expect increased revenues in their own businesses for 2012. CEO Briefing Newsletter January 4 2012

3 Reasons CEOs Should Reconsider the 9-to-5 Workday

The days of the traditional 9-to-5 workday are coming to an end, and Time outlines three reasons for this structural shift. Technological developments have made it easier for employees to work from anywhere at any time, and now Gen-Y workers expect a certain amount of that flexibility. CEO Briefing Newsletter December 30 2011

4 CEOs Make List of Top Leaders of 2011

The Washington Post just released its list of the top leaders of the past 12 months. The 12 best leaders include diplomats, athletes, politicians and four CEOs. The chief executive winners are Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Warren Buffett and Sam Palmisano. CEO Briefing Newsletter December 29 2011

$38 Million Turns into $1 Million: Stanford Finds the Real Value of Executive Compensation Packages

There are many ways to measure executive compensation packages, and in its paper, “What Does It Mean for an Executive to ‘Make’ $1 Million?” Stanford Graduate School of Business explores what CEOs really take home (not just what the media says they do). For example, in 2008 Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit took home over $38 million in reported compensation, but that translates to $2.9 million earned compensation, or just over $1 million in realized compensation. CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Compensation December 29 2011

Which GOP Candidates Would Send CEOs Over to Obama’s Side?

In December, for the first time since September, CEOs favored a candidate other than Mitt Romney for the Republican party nominee: Newt Gingrich. But some consider Gingrich more polarizing than Romney (and this week, Gingrich’s campaign has cooled). A larger percentage of CEOs would rather vote for President Obama than Gingrich if that is how the ballot looks in November. If Romney is the Republican nomination, on the other hand, more CEOs would vote for him than the incumbent President. Where do the rest of the nominees stand? CEO Briefing Newsletter , Election Center December 27 2011

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