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Oracle’s Earnings Indicate Businesses Still Cautious, Not Yet Ready to Spend

Oracle’s earnings results were lower than expected and its shares are down 21 percent for the year. The news from Oracle prompted a sell-off of shares in other enterprise software companies. Oracle sells expensive and complex systems to businesses, and so its poor performance may indicate that many CEOs aren’t ready to heavily invest in capital expenditures. CEO Briefing Newsletter December 21 2011

Can Your Company Measure Up-Against INSEAD’s Six-Point Stress Test?

Two INSEAD professors spent 15 years studying why some ideas don’t translate from management to the workforce. This strategy research enabled the professors to formulate a six-point stress test. Would your company pass? One of the questions: do you have a continuous learning system? CEO Briefing Newsletter December 20 2011

CEOs Beware: Employee Exodus Potential Overstated

According to FastCompany, multiple surveys suggest that 2012 could go down in history as “the year of corporate musical chairs,” [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter December 7 2011

Jefferies CEO Takes Hands-On Approach to Crisis Management

When faced with intense media scrutiny, most CEOs defer to their public relations professionals for damage control. That’s why Jefferies [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter December 7 2011

CEOs with Severance Packages Underperform by Up to 4%

An assistant professor at Tulane’s Freeman School of Business has found that a company’s stock can suffer by as much [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter December 7 2011

Editor in Chief JP Donlon: How CEOs Use Cultural Levers to Push Growth

As markets continue to be plagued by low economic growth and strategic life cycles become shorter, companies that don’t adapt their cultures will most likely not succeed. More and more CEOs are learning to disperse the tasks of leadership across the organization until there are leaders at every level.

JP Donlon CEO Briefing Newsletter December 1 2011

3 Lessons for Fail-Proof Negotiation

Are you a skilled negotiator? This article from TechCrunch provides anecdotal evidence from entrepreneur James Altucher on how to make [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter December 1 2011

Occupy Wall Street Makes its Way into the SEC

For the past couple of months, Occupy Wall Street (and its local counterparts) have been occupying the media and their [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter November 17 2011

Are CEOs Lazy?

In the past two months, President Obama has blamed CEOs for the United States’ sub-par economic performance twice. President Obama [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter November 17 2011

Regulations Really Do Kill Small Businesses: Just Look Here

Every month when Chief Executive polls its CEOs about the future of business conditions, there is a resounding response that [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter November 17 2011

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