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Social Media is About Listening, Not Talking

The uses of social media are more widespread than just business-to-consumer companies. Every CEO needs to think about how social [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter October 20 2011

GE CEO Jeff Immelt: Lowering CEO Pay Won’t Fix Our Problems

There’s extreme backlash toward big business as the economy continues to struggle.  Much focus is placed on executive compensation practices, [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Compensation October 20 2011

5 Questions CEOs Need to Ask to Optimize Big Data

The amount of data that companies can capture is astonishing – and growing.  According to an article from The McKinsey [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter October 20 2011

Survival (Not Stakeholders) is the Name of the Game

CEOs are pressured by many different parties who have an interest in the success of the company. These interests, however, [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter October 13 2011

Netflix Fiasco Provides CEO Takeaways

Netflix’s stock took a serious tumble after CEO Reed Hastings announced a 60 percent price increase in July and a [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter October 13 2011

CEOs Prefer Romney as GOP Candidate, Cain Rising Fast

CEOs want Mitt Romney to be the Republican Party presidential nominee in 2012. Over 43 percent of CEOs would prefer to see Mitt Romney on the ballot vs. 25.6 percent who would prefer to see another CEO candidate, Herman Cain. Rick Perry’s favor plummeted; only 5.1 percent of CEOs prefer the Texas Governor now, compared to 27.9 percent in September. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Election Center October 13 2011

The Case for Establishing a ‘Digital Strategy’ C-Level Office

Spending on digital-related initiatives and activities now accounts for 10% or more of all expenses at many companies — and that spending is forecasted to increase at double-digit rates for the foreseeable future across most industry segments. The City of New York just hired a Chief Digital Officer. Most major ad agencies have a CDO too. Should your company hire a c-level digital officer too?

Tim Bourgeois CEO Briefing Newsletter , Technology October 12 2011

Steve Jobs: The Man Who Transformed Business

As the person who created many devices that have defined how we communicate, Steve Jobs will doubtless be the subject of many books and movies to come. For our purposes, however, his impact on business and business leadership is more to the point. Was Jobs the type of CEO other CEOs might emulate? The answer isn’t straightforward.

JP Donlon CEO Briefing Newsletter October 6 2011

The 20 Percent Rule for Navigating Uncertainty and Chaos

In difficult, chaotic, and uncertain times, there is the need for a strong strategic vision and its strict implementation.  Sticking [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter October 6 2011

$13 Million for Being Fired?

Leo Apotheker was paid $10 million to come on board as HP’s CEO and then he was paid another $13 [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter October 6 2011

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