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What Went Wrong at HP?

Since HP ousted Leo Apotheker in exchange for Meg Whitman last week, there has been lots of coverage on what [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter September 29 2011

85 Percent of CEOs Rank Obama’s Performance as ‘Weak’ or ‘Poor’

According to a recent Chief Executive poll, CEO approval of President Obama’s performance is even lower than his overall approval ratings. More than 85 percent of CEOs think that the president is doing a ‘weak’ or ‘poor’ job, with fully 60 percent of CEOs saying that the president is doing a poor job (giving him a score of 1 or 2 out of 10). Heading into an election year, the president is going to need to sway the opinion of CEOs if he’s going to find success. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Election Center September 22 2011

Stop Designing for the Internet First

Toddlers are now using touch-screen tablet computers. Small children now swipe the surfaces of television screens expecting them to work like a mobile device. These may be your future consumers, and they already have mobile technology ingrained in their processes. It used to be that your company’s website was accessed only through a personal computer, and so that’s the interface on which your company focused. Now, it’s time to design for mobile first and the internet second. CEO Briefing Newsletter September 22 2011

One Superstar is Better Than Any Team, Says Tuck Professor

Steven Jobs is an anomaly.  And that’s why he’s been able to take Apple from near-bankruptcy to one of the [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter September 22 2011

Apple’s new CEO gets an extra million shares (worth $383 million)

Shortly after Steve Jobs stepped down from Apple’s helm and Timothy Cook was named the successor at the end of August, Cook was gifted with one million shares of Apple’s stock, which is currently worth almost $400 million. But Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world — and recently even overtook ExxonMobil as the largest company. What are the implications of Apple’s compensation policy, and will this bonus incentivize Cook to stay for the long haul? CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Compensation September 22 2011

20 States Where We Should Create Jobs

The country is in need of jobs, but where are they going to come from?  Some states may prove better [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter September 15 2011

6 Key Tips for CEOs During Corporate Crises

No CEO wants a disastrous situation to occur at their company under their watch, but unfortunately corporate crises happen.  And [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter September 15 2011

3 Things Every CEO Needs to Know About Patents

Intellectual property is one of your most important assets, if not your most important asset.  Though you’re aware of this [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter September 15 2011

2.7 Billion Mobile Web Users by 2015, More Popular than PC

In the iPhone’s short history it has managed to change the way in which the world consumes media.  Though there [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter September 15 2011

13 Percent CEO Turnover, Highest Rate in Six Years

2010 brought in the lowest rate of CEO turnover in 15 years, but somehow the landscape has shifted in the [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter September 8 2011

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