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Lessons from IBM on Successful HR Evolution

The fact that IBM still exists after 100 years is pretty impressive, but the fact that it is still a [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter August 25 2011

Tradable vs. Nontradable Employment — Structural Solutions to the Unemployment Crisis

CEOs are probably more aware than anyone of the hesitation of companies to hire new employees (that’s why two-thirds of [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter August 25 2011

Banks Turn Down 60% of Small Business Loans: Many Small Company CEOs Are Turning to Cash Advances

Since the beginning of 2011, banks have turned down 60 percent of applicants for small business loans in the United [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter August 25 2011

Health Care Reform Keeping 72 Percent of CEOs from Hiring

Employers remain cautious about hiring; according to Chief Executive’s CEO Confidence Index for August 2011, 66 percent of CEOs plan to freeze or downsize their workforce over the next year. We asked CEOs the importance that certain business conditions have to influence them to hire. Two of the most important factors were a repeal of U.S. Health Care Reform and a proven increase in revenue for their businesses. CEO Briefing Newsletter August 19 2011

4 Ways to Optimize Your Sales Team

Even though it’s obvious that your sales team should constantly be focused on selling, it just isn’t always the case. [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter August 17 2011

Consumer Confidence Tumbles to Lowest Level in 31 Years

Thomson Reuters and the University of Michigan have been collecting data on U.S. consumer spending since 1952 with the Index [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter August 17 2011

Expiration Date: What is the Lifespan of Innovation?

Innovation disrupts the marketplace, revolutionizes markets and consumer habits, and can be extremely profitable. But, nothing lasts forever. So, what is the longevity of innovation? Academics from INSEAD, Credit Suisse’s HOLT, and BYU defined innovative metrics and tracked the history of giants like Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo and L’Oreal according to Forbes. Out of hundreds of companies, only 14 remained in the top 75 from 1995 to 2011. CEO Briefing Newsletter August 15 2011

What CEOs Need to Know About the S&P Downgrade

The markets have been in turmoil since the S&P downgrade of US debt at the end of last week and downgrades of municipal bonds on Monday. The market tumbled on Monday, rallied on Tuesday, and then dropped significantly again on Wednesday. Amidst this turmoil it’s difficult to tell what the end result will be (and it seems like everybody has an opinion). Here is information about the downgrade’s effect on small businesses (you can expect your cost of capital to increase) and cities (borrowing costs will rise). CEO Briefing Newsletter August 11 2011

Military Leadership: Strength (and Success) in CEO Selflessness

It’s easy when you’re in a position of leadership to look at your employees as those in service to you. [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter August 11 2011

Six Ways Business Has Changed (And Maybe For Good)

It’s not a bold realization that the business world is changing; as a CEO you see technological as well as [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter August 11 2011

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