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Team Players vs. Superstars: Why in Business it’s Better to Build Your Bench

Leaders have different ideas about the value of individual skill versus that of a team. Recently, two very successful and [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 26 2011

How to Balance Your Networking Needs

Chief executives are undoubtedly constantly barraged with networking requests from past coworkers, friends, peers, etc. And although you may be [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 26 2011

Forget Retirement: CEOs Find Success After 75

CEOs are often thought of as older and distinguished, but some CEOs bring this image to a whole new level. [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 26 2011

Hands-On Board Directors Can Build Value for Your Company

Some say that a strong board of directors can have a direct influence on a company’s stock price, according to [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 26 2011

Are Quotas the Answer to More Female Representation at the Top?

There is no debate that the representation of women in the C-suite is poor.  In the US, of the Fortune [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 26 2011

Consensus is the Enemy to Innovation

As the CEO, you want your employees to disagree with you (although not all of the time). But, blindly following leadership is not conducive to a creative environment, according to Yammer CEO David Sacks. Sacks see consensus as a red flag, that no dissent means that leadership is not open to critiques. Ultimate success comes from all areas across the company, and by stifling criticism you may not be able to get each part of the machine to work well together. And Sacks knows what he’s talking about. His first successful business? PayPal. CEO Briefing Newsletter July 25 2011

CIOs Need to Stop Being Political and Start Taking Risks

Chief information officers have a big load on their shoulders – the implementation of new technologies can very much affect the bottom line of a company. And because of this, as a whole, the role of CIO has become more political and therefore risk-averse. And as technologies develop at such a rapid rate, companies have a hard time adopting one technology before a better one comes along. Staying risk averse, however, is not going to help your company move forward. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Technology July 22 2011

The Marketing Revolution: What Does the Future Look Like?

There are now so many nuanced ways to reach and interact with your audience that every company’s strategy is going to be different. Some have found success with good, old-fashioned television commercials. And others have found that despite interest in word-of-mouth marketing and viral videos, conversions really take place within one degree of the original marketing. So, is marketing undergoing a change so profound that it can be compared to the Industrial Revolution? CEO Briefing Newsletter , Marketing & Sales July 22 2011

CEO Confidence Falls to Grim Ten-Month Low

After plummeting more than 12 percent in June, CEO confidence continued its downward spiral in July and fell to a 10-month low of 5.28 out of a possible 10. The outlook for the American workforce is grim; the unemployment rate reached 9.2% in June, and according to the CEO Confidence Index more than 45 percent of CEOs expect not to do any hiring over the next 12 months. Another indication that business conditions aren’t going to improve anytime soon? Forty-two percent of CEOs won’t increase their capital expenditures in the next year, a 12.6% increase from June. CEO Briefing Newsletter July 21 2011

Most CEOs Aren’t Overpaid

Despite the headlines, the vast majority of CEOs don’t take home anything close to the $9.0 million that the average S&P 500 company CEO did in 2010. According to a new research report from Chief Executive Group, the average private company CEO with at least $5 million in revenues had a total compensation package of $1.3 million, with a median of $405,000. CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Compensation July 21 2011

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