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The Marketing Revolution: What Does the Future Look Like?

There are now so many nuanced ways to reach and interact with your audience that every company’s strategy is going to be different. Some have found success with good, old-fashioned television commercials. And others have found that despite interest in word-of-mouth marketing and viral videos, conversions really take place within one degree of the original marketing. So, is marketing undergoing a change so profound that it can be compared to the Industrial Revolution? CEO Briefing Newsletter , Marketing & Sales July 22 2011

CEO Confidence Falls to Grim Ten-Month Low

After plummeting more than 12 percent in June, CEO confidence continued its downward spiral in July and fell to a 10-month low of 5.28 out of a possible 10. The outlook for the American workforce is grim; the unemployment rate reached 9.2% in June, and according to the CEO Confidence Index more than 45 percent of CEOs expect not to do any hiring over the next 12 months. Another indication that business conditions aren’t going to improve anytime soon? Forty-two percent of CEOs won’t increase their capital expenditures in the next year, a 12.6% increase from June. CEO Briefing Newsletter July 21 2011

Most CEOs Aren’t Overpaid

Despite the headlines, the vast majority of CEOs don’t take home anything close to the $9.0 million that the average S&P 500 company CEO did in 2010. According to a new research report from Chief Executive Group, the average private company CEO with at least $5 million in revenues had a total compensation package of $1.3 million, with a median of $405,000. CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Compensation July 21 2011

Expand Your Network, Expand Your Business

As a CEO, it’s a pretty good bet that you have a large business network. But are these connections mostly with leaders in your industry? Although these sorts of connections are operationally beneficial, they won’t help you to push along strategic endeavors. You need to expand your network in order to expand your business – you can learn a lot from CEOs in other fields. There are 10 ways you can start reaching out and some of them are as simple as spending a day with one of your younger “millennial” employees. CEO Briefing Newsletter July 18 2011

First Votes on Say on Pay Approve Majority of CEOs’ Compensation

The results are in for Say on Pay, and at almost 99% of companies’ shareholders voted ‘yea.’ The shareholder votes allowed by the Dodd Frank financial overhaul provision (aimed at curtailing top executives’ pay) are not binding, but are still representative of the landscape of CEO compensation. Shareholders think that boards are compensating their executives properly. Only 1.5% of companies had shareholders who disagreed with compensation packages (that’s only 39 out of 2532 companies). CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Compensation July 14 2011

Home Court Advantage and the Downfalls of Going Global

Going global is tricky business.  Though it signals strength in a company (the ability to expand in the marketplace), it [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 14 2011

Cheap Labor? Rising Wages and the End of Manufacturing in China

Made in China. Or maybe not.  Once a place where companies went to find cheap labor, China is becoming less [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 14 2011

3 Ways to Avoid Your Own Netflix Pricing Fiasco

Earlier this week when Netflix announced a price increase of up to 60%, the uproar from customers was widespread and vitriolic. What Netflix forgot is that pricing is actually a function of marketing. Like most pricing fiascos, the problem was not the actual price increase; it was in the communication about the change. Pricing is too often thought of as marketing only after the backlash happens.

Lincoln Murphy CEO Briefing Newsletter , Leadership & Strategy , Marketing & Sales July 14 2011

Does Power Stifle Innovation?

Traditional thinking would say that powerful people are more creative. It might, however, be time to change that assumption. The [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 7 2011

Overcoming Information Overload and Gaining Productivity

We are constantly bombarded with data. We can get information from print, television, email, internet news sources, twitter, Facebook, text, [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 7 2011

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