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The Era of Agile Commerce: How You Need to Change Your Marketing Strategy

We are now in the age of the internet. If a potential customer wants to learn about your company, the [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 7 2011

B2B: Why New Technology Affects You (Even If You Think It Doesn’t)

Too often, business leaders think that new technology will be more beneficial for business-to-consumer companies rather than business-to-business companies. This [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter July 7 2011

Internet Privacy: The Opportunity in Sharing Consumer Data

The future of consumer privacy on the internet is an unclear one. No one seems to be sure of how to balance gathering information for business purposes with consumer privacy – and consumers are cautious about what to share without any transparency regarding where their information will go and what it will be used for. Here’s an idea: sharing information with consumers may actually increase consumer willingness to share information with you. CEO Briefing Newsletter July 6 2011

Why Are American Managers the Best in the World?

A study by professors at Harvard Business School, Stanford, and the London School of Economics has deemed American business managers the best in the world. According to the study, the United States owes its win to ruthlessness and flexible labor markets. The details paint an interesting picture of the highs and lows of global business including the fact that some European countries rank similarly to developing countries when it comes to management. CEO Briefing Newsletter July 6 2011

Company Perks Are Key to Employee Retention

Employees love perks, and an inclusion of some extra pluses may be enough to keep your employees hanging around even when times are tough. Perks, or discretionary benefits to employees, are not given to everyone and thus can make employees feel valuable and supported by their employers. Everything from the option to telecommute to charitable gift matching programs may hold more sway than CEOs give them credit for. CEO Briefing Newsletter June 30 2011

CEO Succession Planning: Crucial and Totally Overlooked

Although CEO succession planning is an integral part to any business plan, companies often fail to plan for it in a real and meaningful way. Doesn’t it seem counterintuitive to focus on leaving a company when you are busy enough with current management challenges? Failing to plan for the future can have negative effects on company reputation, employee morale, momentum and even stock price. Do you have a plan in place? CEO Briefing Newsletter June 30 2011

One Third of Your Employees Want to Quit

Despite today’s uncertain employment climate, American employees are unhappy. Though you’d think that anyone would be thrilled to be employed [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter June 23 2011

Don’t Waste Your Time Visualizing Success: It Will Keep You From Actually Finding It

Leaders often think that visualizing future success will help to motivate their employees. By asking employees to think about what [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter June 23 2011

All Press is Good Press: How Negative Info Can Help You

Even though it might go against conventional marketing wisdom, positive reactions are not the only kind of PR that helps [...] CEO Briefing Newsletter June 23 2011

CEO Overconfidence Leads to Inflated Financial Projections

CEO temperament can have a great deal of influence on a company’s image. A recent study concludes that CEOs who are characterized as overconfident are more likely to volunteer earnings predictions that are too high. In fact, these overconfident CEOs were 10% more likely to inflate their earnings than those who were not seen as overconfident. Where do you stack up and how could this affect your business? CEO Briefing Newsletter June 20 2011

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