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CEOs Remain Cautious Ahead of Presidential Election, Confidence Index Stays Flat in August

The CEO Confidence Index fell just 0.3% in August to 5.34 out of a possible 10 from July’s 5.36. The Index is now down 11.4% from its 2012 high of 6.03 in February. CEOs of small businesses have even less confidence than their bigger business counterparts. CEO Confidence Index August 27 2012

CEO Confidence Drops for the Second Consecutive Month; Many CEOs Believe a Change in the White House is the Only Cure to Business Woes

The CEO Confidence Index fell 3.7% in July to 5.36 out of a possible 10. The Index has fallen a whopping 11.1% from its 2012 high of 6.03 in February. The overwhelming message from CEOs: uncertainty is crippling our businesses, and we need a change in the White House to fix it. CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Confidence Index July 26 2012

CEO Confidence Down 6.6% in June, Profit Expectations Drop Since January

The CEO Confidence Index dropped 6.6% in June to 5.56 out of a possible 10. The number of CEOs expecting to see increased profits over the next year has fallen 6% since the beginning of 2012. CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Confidence Index June 14 2012

CEOs Expect Higher Revenues, Lower Profits in May 2012

The CEO Confidence Index rose 1.7% in May to 5.96 out of a possible 10. This increase in expectations comes after a decline in CEO confidence in both March and April. The Index is up 3% for the year. CEO Confidence Index May 14 2012

CEOs of Billion-Dollar Companies Most Optimistic in April, Says CEO Confidence Index

Chief Executive’s CEO Confidence Index dropped 2% to 5.86 out of 10 in April 2012; this follows a 0.8% drop in March. Prior to March, the Index saw increased CEO Confidence for four straight months. CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Confidence Index April 18 2012

73.5% of CEOs Expect Increased Revenues Over Next 12 Months

The CEO Confidence Index fell back below 6.0 to 5.98 in March. The Index dropped 0.8% from last month on economic and political concerns. February’s Index was calculated before President Obama released his budget for the 2013 fiscal year, a plan that relies heavily on taxes. CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Confidence Index March 14 2012

45% of CEOs to Hire in the Next Year

The CEO Confidence Index gained 4.3% in February, landing at 6.03 out of 10. This is the first time that the Index has ventured above 6.0 since May of 2011. One especially encouraging metric is hiring; over 45% of CEOs expect to expand their workforce over the next 12 months. CEO Confidence Index February 16 2012

Is the Media Making Business Conditions Worse? CEO Confidence at Highest Level in 7 Months

The CEO Confidence Index continues to rise, landing at 5.78 out of 10. The Index hasn’t been this high since May of 2011, and some CEOs indicate that business conditions are better than the media lets on. CEO Confidence Index January 12 2012

2011 Ends on a High Note: Will CEO Confidence Continue Its Rise?

December saw a 4.9 percent increase, but fewer CEOs are expecting an increase in revenues, profits and capital expenditures. As one CEO put it, “Uncertainty is the watch word.” CEO Confidence Index December 16 2011

3 Reasons Why CEO Confidence Surged in November (And 3 Reasons Why It Won’t Stay That Way)

Confidence is on the upswing in November with a 7.1 percent jump in expected improvement for overall business conditions. Optimism is up in terms of revenues, profit, and capital expenditures. Over 40 percent of CEOs plan to increase hiring. CEO Confidence Index November 10 2011

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