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CEO Confidence Index Tumbles in Wake of Japan Crisis and Mid-East Turmoil

After rising spirits in January and February 2011, CEOs were feeling less optimistic in March. Chief Executive’s CEO Confidence Index was down 5.8% from February, settling at a 6.02 out of a possible 10. The reason? Political uncertainty both domestically and abroad. CEO Confidence Index April 30 2011

CEO Confidence Continues to Rise, Though Significant Employment Growth Not Expected Until 2012

Continuing its upward trend, the Index is up 1.02% from its three and a half year high in January, reaching a score of 6.39 out of a possible 10. Over 70% of the CEOs surveyed predict that business conditions will be at least ‘good’ moving forward. CEO Confidence Index March 15 2011

CEO Confidence at Highest Level in Over 3 Years

CEO confidence is at its highest point since July 2007. The Index rose to 6.25 out of 10 in January — 6.9% higher than the previous month. Over 68% of the 377 CEOs surveyed rated their expectations for business conditions as at least ‘good.’ CEO Confidence Index February 10 2011

CEO Confidence Shaky But Holding

CEOs look to direction of newly elected house. CEO Confidence Index January 6 2011

CEO Confidence Index November 2010

CEO Confidence Index Shows Double-Digit Gains CEO Confidence Index December 2 2010

CEO Confidence Index October 2010

CEOs remain wary about the economy, but hopes for a better start to 2011 are rising. CEO Confidence Index November 4 2010

CEO Confidence Index September 2010

CEO confidence remains stagnant. CEO Confidence Index October 7 2010

45% of CEOs to Hire in the Next Year

The CEO Confidence Index gained 4.3% in February, landing at 6.03 out of 10. This is the first time that the Index has ventured above 6.0 since May of 2011. One especially encouraging metric is hiring; over 45% of CEOs expect to expand their workforce over the next 12 months. CEO Confidence Index February 16 2012

CEO Confidence Index August 2010

Despite small gains in July, CEO confidence remains weak. CEO Confidence Index September 2 2010

CEO Confidence Index July 2010

CEO Confidence Falls Dramatically CEO Confidence Index August 5 2010

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