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Non-Dutch CEO Nancy McKinstry: Going Dutch

As the company’s first woman and non-Dutch CEO,Nancy McKinstry was both an insider and an outsider.

Chief Executive CEO Interviews , Conversations with the Editor September 1 2006

AIG CEO Martin Sullivan: Act II: Finding a New Balance

Martin Sullivan got the CEO seat at AIG due to its regulatory crisis. But can he take the financial giant to the next level?

JP Donlon CEO Interviews August 14 2006

Procter & Gamble CEO A. G. Lafley: A. G. Lafley On Developing Markets

Lafley sees huge upsides in new markets, both for corporate profits and international harmony.

Chief Executive CEO Interviews April 10 2006

General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner: Exclusive Interview With GM’s Rick Wagoner

General Motors Chairman and Chief Executive Rick Wagoner, who has announced plans to cut 30,000 jobs and close several factories, says the Bush Administration is making a mistake by targeting China’s currency, not Japan’s. Moreover, he sees China as a major emerging market, in which GM is able to participate.

Bill Holstein CEO Interviews December 19 2005

FedEx’s CEO Fred Smith: Exclusive Interview with FedEx’s Fred Smith

Fred Smith sat down with Editor-in-Chief Bill Holstein in Memphis to talk about FedEx. Here are excerpts:

Chief Executive CEO Interviews October 1 2005

Citigroup’s CEO Sandy Weill: Exclusive Interview with Citigroup’s Sandy Weill

Sandy Weill offered a sweeping view of change-and opportunity-both in the United States and abroad at the November CEO2CEO Summit. Here are excerpts of his conversation with Editor-in-Chief William J. Holstein.

Chief Executive CEO Interviews October 1 2005

Dell’s CEO Michael Dell: Exclusive Interview with Dell’s Michael Dell

Here are Michael Dell’s comments in an interview with Editor-in-Chief William J. Holstein.

Chief Executive CEO Interviews October 1 2005

UTC CEO George David: Exclusive Interview with UTC’s George David

UTC Chief Executive George David argues that the best companies learn how to systematically achieve momentum over the long haul. They also benefit from having chief executive officers with long tenures, which is sharply at odds with the current trend. Here are highlights of a conversation:

Chief Executive CEO Interviews October 1 2005

A Change for Business, If Not for Washington

THE Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the broad corporate reform legislation passed in 2002, has improved the way companies manage themselves, says Robert [...]

Chief Executive CEO Interviews July 17 2005

Home Depot’s CEO Robert Nardelli: Exclusive Interview with Home Depot’s Robert Nardelli

In an interview in his office in Atlanta, Bob Nardelli spoke about his ambitions for The Home Depot. Here are edited excerpts:

Chief Executive CEO Interviews October 1 2004

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