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Cancer Coup

Carol Gallagher leads a cancer drug race at Calistoga Pharma CEO Interviews , Leadership & Strategy November 23 2009

Doubling Down on Data

Sohaib Abbasi drives growth with data integration. CEO Interviews , Technology November 20 2009

Davita CEO Kent Thiry: What a Values-Based Turnaround Looks Like

How Kent Thiry revived DaVita. CEO Interviews June 22 2009

Mr. Cool: Nalco CEO Erik Fyrwald

Erik Fyrwald gets Nalco fit for growth CEO Interviews August 18 2009

Zebra Technologies CEO Anders Gustafsson: Defending Its Stripes

Anders Gustafsson maps a future for Zebra Technologies. CEO Interviews , Marketing , Strategy January 21 2010

Caritas Christie Health Care CEO Ralph de la Torre: From Scrubs to Pinstripes

The recession has not been kind to most businesses but hospitals have fared worse. Although healthcare costs have gone up [...] CEO Interviews June 22 2009

Cerberus Operating and Advisory Company CEO Bob Nardelli: Secrets of an Operational CEO

The Essence of a Sound Recovery Strategy is Operationalizing One’s Strategy and Resourcing it with Top Talent. CEO Compensation , CEO Interviews , Leadership & Strategy , Marketing & Sales , Strategy January 20 2010

Havas Worldwide CEO David Jones Gives Leadership Advice

David Jones, CEO of global communications and advertising firm, Havas, shares leadership advice and strategies with Chief Executive readers. CEO Interviews , Leadership & Strategy , Videos August 22 2011

Société Générale Deputy CEO, Severin Cabannes, On How Technology Will Change Banking

Deputy CEO of Société Générale, Severin Cabannes, discusses how cloud computing, social networking, and mobility are changing the face of business. The French bank is now able to provide mobile banking access to clients all around the world: for example, 70 to 80 percent of people in Senegal have a cell phone, but only 2 to 3 percent have a bank account. Société Générale can work to change that. CEO Interviews , Technology , Videos August 29 2011

Société Générale Deputy CEO, Severin Cabannes, On Lessons from the Great Recession

Société Générale Deputy CEO, Severin Cabannes, sat down with Chief Executive’s Editor-in-Chief JP Donlon for the last issue of Chief Executive magazine. Here, Cabannes outlines the French bank’s strategy following the widespread economic downturn. CEO Interviews , Leadership & Strategy , Videos September 6 2011

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