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CEO PASSIONS: Model Railroading for Geeks

Presented in partnership with PURE Insurance, this installment of CEO Passions features TOM LAWSON, an avid collector of trains from the pre-1940s.

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8 Great Family Vacation Spots Recommended by CEOs

Finding and settling on a summer vacation spot for the family can be as difficult as slashing budgets or making that difficult firing. But it’s probably just as important for CEOs and business owners who want to recharge – and take their loved ones with them. Here’s a selection of eight favorite family vacation spots from a handful of CEOs and business owners.

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How One CEO Is Using Meditation to Relieve Stress

I’m a CEO. Pressure and stress come with my job. That’s not always a bad thing, as Justin Menkes notes in his book, “Better Under Pressure.” Some pressure is good. But a couple of years ago, the demands of being in charge took a serious toll on me. I’d read that CEOs including hip hop mogul Russell Simmons and Ford’s Bill Ford both meditate, so I asked my executive coach for his opinion. Most of his clientele are professional athletes, and turns out that for them he often recommends an iPad app called Inner Balance by HeartMath. He suggested that I try it.

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Driving Technology: The Future Is Now

Whether you’re into safety, sustainability, sporty performance or all three, you’re likely to find one of the many new automotive technologies compelling. Read on for a look at three cutting-edge technologies and a preview of more innovations on the way.

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CEO Passions: John Rivers, a Collector With a Cause

John M. Rivers, Jr., whose family has lived in Charleston, South Carolina since the city’s founding in 1670, wants the antique furniture and decorative arts made by Charleston’s artisans to stay in the city. For the past 25 years, he’s been repatriating museum-quality objects that had been taken elsewhere and acquiring others so they’ll all remain in Charleston.

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7 Secrets to Reducing Leadership Stress

Stress in the workplace costs U.S. industry hundreds of millions of dollars every year and is linked to each of the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide. And let’s not forget divorce. If not dealt with effectively, your performance—and your health—can degrade to the point of catastrophic leadership failure.

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