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Succession in Practice

While CEO succession is much in the news, it is often discussed from the point of view of board members, consultants and search firms. To understand the perspectives of today’s CEOs on succession planning, we spoke with 18 sitting CEOs, one recently retired CEO and one sitting chairman, as listed in the sidebar on p. 30. To gain varied perspectives ...

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Island Living

Corporate executives have long used the Caribbean and the countries surrounding the Caribbean as escape locations. The islands of St. Bart’s, St. Martin and Anguilla or exotic resorts in places such as Mexico and Costa Rica always attracted weary executives, attempting a short break from the high pressure ride of managing, more often than not, an international corporation.Early in this ...

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Thorns & Roses

ROSE…Governor ROD BLAGOJEVICH’S testy refusal to step aside in the face of FBI wiretaps that reveal his attempt to auction Barack Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder is the gift that keeps on giving. The corruption cabaret that is a centerpiece of Illinois politics in general and Chicago in particular will now have an extended media run, much to ...

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A Room with a Wii?

The ritual for a lot of international road warriors after a long transoceanic flight is to check into their hotels, turn on a hot shower and let the steam fill the air to ease the sinuses. “After a 12-hour flight you’re dried out,” says frequent traveler John B. Rowsell, the CEO of Chicago-based Glenwood Capital Investments. But there’s no need ...

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Acing The Wine List

Wine knowledge isn’t just a social skill any more. It’s a powerful tool for today’s CEOs, providing leverage in business entertaining. The Wall Street Journal observed that “Wine at business meals is a skirmish in a boardroom war, played out on a linen table cloth. Your handling of wine, whether ordering it or just drinking it, matters more than you ...

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