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Cruise Control

When not at the helm of HD Brown Enterprises in Ontario, Douglas Brown is likely to be found steering-literally-a very different ship. Last spring, he captained a 47-foot catamaran to island-hop in the Caribbean with his family. A few months later, he toured the Greek Isles at the wheel of a 39-foot Beneteau yacht with his wife, Sandee, in the ...

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Are TSOs a New Trend?

When Microsoft adopted third-party option transferability in 2003, the program made waves as an unorthodox way to incent and retain employees. The software giant’s one-time offer for employees to get value for below-market options by selling them to JPMorgan Chase had Wall Street speculating about a potential secondary market for vested options. Four years later, Google is making headlines for ...

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Claret Cure

In the 1950’s jingle, Chiquita Banana told us that “Bananas taste the best and are the best for you.” Who knew the same was true of red wine?As I travel around talking to corporate audiences about the wonderful world of wine, I am often asked about articles touting the health benefits of drinking red wine. These reports, occurring with increasing ...

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The Truth Behind the Backdating Brouhaha

Approximately 100 companies have come under fire for the backdating of stock option grants. The resulting investigations, in turn, have led to the resignation of 30 officers- many of them CEOs, CFOs and general counsels. Notable casualties include Altera and UnitedHealth Group, as well as SafeNet, KLA-Tencor and Sapient-with more announced daily.So, what exactly is backdating? Options-or the right to ...

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Can Detroit Survive?


Can Chrysler Show Detroit The Way?The smallest of the Big Three has done the most to transform itself. by herbert shuldiner Can GM Fight Back?Wagoner says it can with some help-not a bailout-from Washington.  by william J. holstein GM Has A Better Chance Than FordBill Ford Isn’t Making the Right Moves.  by herbert shuldiner 

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What’s Good for GM…

 I asked an economist a simple question recently: “Would it make any difference to the U.S. economy if General Motors and Ford were to go out of business?” He said, “No.” He is an apostle of free market ideology, and judging from President Bush’s own statement, this is the prevalent view in the land. This view holds that, because new ...

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