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Wealth Management

More CEOs Are Indulging Their Fun Side With Sports Team Ownership

One of the great things for business chiefs about acquiring wealth is having the resources to indulge their fantasies. And just like former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who just bought the Los Angeles Clippers, owning a professional sports team is a very common fantasy. So entrepreneurs and former CEOs keep buying them.

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Where’s Your Wealth?

All too often, CEOs are far too busy managing their businesses to manage their money. Here’s a look at some of the common pitfalls and how to address them.

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Combining Captive Insurance Companies With Estate Planning

Business owners may find many benefits from establishing captive insurance companies (you have to have insurance anyway, right?) with their estate planning. Randy Fox explains the ins and outs of establishing such a company and the future benefits that it can bring you -- for example, transferring wealth without making taxable gifts.

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The Silver-Spoon Dilemma

A number of high level CEOs have experienced public parenting woes. Often times the children of successful parents lack the same drive that got their parents to the top of the corporate ladder. So, when it comes to parenting, can success and wealth actually work against you?

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