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CEO Positions of the Week – 3/28/16

CEO | Valeant Pharmaceuticals | Bridgewater, NJ Valeant, a Canadian company with U.S. headquarters in New Jersey, is looking for a turnaround expert who can guide this firm through legislative mediation and over regulatory hurdles. In the past, Valeant’s competitive strategy consisted of buying other companies, slashing costs then sharply raising prices on undervalued drugs. Valeant is now being investigated ...

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CEO Positions of the Week – 3/21/16

From manufacturing to startups to science and global business, there is a variety of opportunity here this week to suit almost any CEO looking for a career change.

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CEO Positions of the Week – 3/7/16

CEO | Remco Maintenance | Long Island City, NY Remco Maintenance provides a broad range of restoration and maintenance services to commercial, residential, institutional, retail and hospitality facilities throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. The company provides expert building restoration and maintenance services covering metal, marble, stone, wood glass, façade and waterproofing. This company is looking for a CEO. The ...

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CEO Positions of the Week – 2/29/16

Companies in the biotech, software/tech, frozen food and food & beverage/retail industries are all looking for seasoned CEOs.

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