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How Much Does The Average CEO Really Earn?

Hint: it’s a lot less than what mainstream media reports imply. Of the roughly 30 million businesses in the United States, less than 6,000 are publicly traded on major stock exchanges. As anyone who gets his or her information from mainstream news and media outlets well knows, the spotlight and analysis for business (especially in regard to CEO compensation) are firmly focused on S&P 500 companies. That means that virtually 100 percent of media coverage of CEO compensation focuses on less than 8 percent of all public companies and less than .002 percent of all companies in the U.S.

Michael Bamberger CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Compensation November 16 2012

Banking and Pharma Sectors Report High CEO Turnover

Healthcare and biotechnology sectors closely follow. Majority of corporate boards adhere to succession planning. A CE Online analysis.

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi CEO Compensation May 13 2010

Why Companies Fear Restoring Executive Pay Cuts?

While restoration of employee pay cuts is on the rise, reversal of executive pay cuts is still on hold. Thanks to the strong sentiment against the alleged outrageous executive pay, the Ken Feinberg factor and the slow pace of economic recovery, compensation and pay analysts think companies are playing safe at the moment by maintaining silence over executive pay cut reversals.

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi CEO Compensation October 30 2009

Are Boards on Way to Better Practices?

Stuart Spencer study indicates boards are mending their ways for better governance.

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi CEO Compensation October 22 2009

Do Banks Pay For Performance?

While industry analysts believe there’s an urgent need to align CEO pay with performance, apparently many companies are still dragging their feet on the issue. A study by the Presidio Pay Advisors revealed that U.S banks which participated in the Treasury’s bailout program have not tied executive pay with performance since the financial crisis began in 2007.

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi CEO Compensation August 18 2009

C-Suite Pay on the Decline

The impact of the financial meltdown has apparently taken a toll on C-level executive salaries with many of the C-Suite executives experiencing a considerable decline in their pay checks.

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi CEO Compensation July 27 2009

Bolstering Faltering CEO Reputation

Experts believe CEO reputation can improve only if CEOs admit their mistakes openly and, communicate more often with stakeholders and employees.

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi CEO Compensation January 12 2010

Dodd-Frank: What the New Law Means for CEOs and Shareholders

Section 954 of the new financial reform bill indicates growing influence of shareholders in corporate matters. Legal experts believe the Dodd-Frank legislation which came into force recently has put the CEOs and the corporations at the receiver’s end, while giving an upper hand to shareholder groups.

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi CEO Compensation , CEO Compensation October 1 2010

Navigating the Brave New World of Shareholder Activism

A new public database,, that tracks shareholder proposals among large companies shows distinct patterns in union-driven activism.

James R. Copland Boards of Directors , CEO Compensation March 30 2011

The $44 Million One Day CEO

We have to do better on CEO compensation or it will be the undoing of business.

Bob Donnelly CEO Compensation , CEO Life July 23 2012

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