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CEOs in the News

How a CEO’s Fast Decisions Saved His Business

Rustic Crust was on track for record monthly sales of its all-natural frozen pizza crusts when a fire burned its rural New Hampshire factory to the ground on March 6. Founder and CEO Brad Sterl remembers that day not for the shock or sadness he felt, but for the speed with which he acted.

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The Oil and Gas CEO: New Study Finds Paths to Leadership

To gain a better understanding of leadership trends in the global energy sector, Chris Reinsvold, energy practice leader at Pearson Partners International, analyzed the education, experience, and backgrounds of 277 chief executive officers (CEOs) from the largest publicly traded US and international oil and gas companies. Here are the results of his analysis.

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The Upsides of Being a Non-Technical CEO

Neha Sampat is not your typical tech CEO: She runs a team of web developers at the cloud software firm Raw Engineering, but unlike most of her staff, she hasn’t had an ounce of technical training. With degrees in French and mass communications, she’s more adept at writing poetry than code.

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