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Scots Give Dual-CEO Model a Reprisal, but Investors are Skeptical

Long-time friends Keith Skeoch and Martin Gilbert will have to overcome concerns that appointing two leaders will cause conflict and division.

CEO Pay Rebounds as Stock Market Soars

The leaders of some of America's biggest companies took home an extra 6.4% last year, as incentive payments bulged.

Most Americans Wouldn’t Comment on Politics if they were CEO: Survey Finds

Although 75% of consumers would stick to talking business, around half—somewhat confusingly—still think that actual CEOs should make their political positions clear.

Uber President Quits, Citing Clash of Values

The sudden departure of Jeff Jones may show the extent to which poor cultural practices can muddle with a company's leadership succession plans.

Apple CEO Treads Softly During Rare Speech in China

Tim Cook stopped short of criticizing authorities for demanding access to customer data, demonstrating the sensitivity CEOs are showing in the still-promising growth market.

CEO Training Pledges Show Trump, Merkel Summit Wasn’t Altogether Fruitless

The heads of BMW and Siemens promised to invest millions more dollars in training capabilities, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel put her free-trade case to the president.

Value of Advertising Questioned as Adidas CEO Turns his Back on TV

Kasper Rorsted said the company will switch its marketing efforts to digital as young people fix their gazes on mobile devices.

How a Conglomerate CEO Uses SWAT Teams to Stay Nimble

Adriana Cisneros confronts disruption with an approach conceived by her grandfather and prefers a trouble-shooting method used by IBM in the 1970s.

Present but Silent: CEOs are the Wallflowers of the Internet, Analysis Finds

More than two-thirds of leaders haven't engaged with their online audience in the past 12 months, highlighting the myriad risks and opportunities posed by social media

Some Big Tech CEOs Appear to Have Eased their Travel-Ban Resistance

Apple and Google are among companies notably absent from court documents supporting moves to block the revised executive order.
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