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CEO Pay-Ratio Disclosure Rule’s Lifespan Looks Short

A rule requiring companies to disclose how CEOs' compensation compares with that of the rank and file has been put up for review, a welcome development for critics concerned it imposed too heavy a regulatory burden.

Tiffany CEO Replaced after Trump Tower Rush Hurts Sales

While the jury's still out on how helpful Donald Trump will be to American CEOs, at least one has already suffered from his election—though in an inadvertent way.

Flexibility Now Coveted by Most Job Seekers, Stretching CEOs’ Capabilities

Ask any person today if they'd be interested in doing freelance work and, more often than not, the answer would be yes.

Airline CEOs Test Rex Tillerson on Trade

From one CEO to another. That'll be the way many businesses might see lobbying for change with the State Department, now that former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson is in charge.

Cash Versus Cachet: Why CEOs of the Best Companies Get Paid Less

If given a choice between leading one of America's most prestigious companies and one of the rest, you'd think the answer would be a no-brainer. But gracing the resume with a much-admired employer could come at a cost: of around $500,000.

Will Uber’s Kalanick be the First and Last CEO to Quit Trump’s Advisory Council?

Travis Kalanick's decision to quit Donald Trump's economic advisory council on the eve of its first meeting was hardly a good look for the president, though it appears unlikely that any of the other 18 members will follow the Uber CEO's lead—at least not in the near future.

Stakes High for CEOs on Eve of Trump Travel Ban Showdown

Tonight could be a nervy one for the up to 19 current or former CEOs due to meet with Donald Trump on Friday, with the president's immigration ban potentially prompting a healthy, or maybe not so healthy, clash of opinions.

A Stock Market CEO is Being Probed for Insider Trading

Authorities have confirmed that the head of one of the world's biggest stock exchanges is under investigation for possible insider trading.

CEOs Increasingly Targeted by Activist Investors, but they’re also Increasingly Ready

The influence of activist investors such as Elliot Management and Starboard Value has been growing since the global financial crisis, as shareholders became frustrated with meager returns and conservative management decisions.

Apple’s Tim Cook Joins CEOs Mulling Legal Action Over Immigration Ban

Apple CEO Tim Cook has joined the ranks of tech CEOs considering legal action over Donald Trump's immigration ban, potentially putting at risk any recent progress he's made with the president over local manufacturing requirements and regulatory relief.
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