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Conversations with the Editor

Witch Hunt or Failure of Nerve?

Writing in The American Spectator  (€˜White Collar Witch Hunt,” September 2005) the Cato Institute’s Stephen Moore asked why “Republicans so easily accept Neobolshevism as a cost of doing business.”  Chief among the culprits, he argued, are public policy impediments and the “chilling effect” of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). Passed on July 30, 2002 in reaction to the corporate scandals, SOX ...

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Why Media Coverage of Business is So Bad–and Why It May Be Time for CEOs to “Adopt” a Journalist

It all comes down to a simple idea creating quality takes money. The best quality of business and economic information depends on a news organization having a global infrastructure of experienced reporters, editors and producers. In my 30-plus years in this business, I personally have seen this done best at United Press International, Business Week and U.S. News & World ...

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Five reasons why it’s time for CEOs to help shape the China debate

There’s a major disconnect between Washington and America’s CEOs. As Chinese President Hu Jintao prepares to arrive in the United States on April 18, Washington is beating a steady protectionist drum against China. But many American CEOs have huge stakes in the Chinese market. Why are they so silent? It’s time for them to help Washington chart a more realistic ...

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A Clarification on “Mandates”In the article entitled “Can Technology Heal the Health Care Industry?”(March 2006), you attributed a quote to me that was taken out of context and may give some readers a wrong impression. The issue was federal mandates, and for the record, I see no reason or need for the federal government to impose mandates on the health ...

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If Not Rick Wagoner, Then Who?

product love). Product love wins.
nTo your four points
n1. Changing a culture takes five years. Wagoner is in year one. A new leader would also be in year one. Maybe a half year penalty for the change.
n2. Didn't take over North American ops soon enough . . . almost seems like one of the points the board might have on the reasons for firing.
n3. Pay cuts and exempt firings are needed. A bankruptcy would allow the logical equivalent to happen to the hourly folks.
n4. I agree with your fourth point.""

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The six things CEOs don’t understand about PR people

 There’s a huge gulf between chief executive officers and their public relations people, whether on staff or at an outside agency. The vast majority of CEOs don’t understand what PR people actually do. As a business journalist, I’m now going to spill the beans.No. 1: PR people don’t like to talk to the media. When we call them, we usually ...

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