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Conversations with the Editor

Why Johnny Can’t Export


You’d think that with U.S deficit in goods and services hitting $725 billion in 2005 that a great debate would be taking place about how to spur American exports.But hardly a word is spoken, whether out of disinterest or sheer ignorance, it’s hard to tell. But it’s a tragedy because there is so much that needs to be done.The heart ...

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Framing the U.S. Debate

This could be the year that the issue of U.S. competitiveness finally arrives as a mainstay of conversations across the land. So we’re pleased that this issue of Chief Executive will help frame the debate.Our cover story, written by Herbert Shuldiner, one of the deans of the automotive press corps, suggests that General Motors and Ford will have to undertake ...

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Earth to Central Bankers: CEOs Say Inflation is Not a Threat

The chattering class that’s spending so much time wondering what kind of inflation policies new Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke will have ought to stop for a moment for this word from America’s CEOs: inflation is not a problem. And it’s not going to be a problem for the foreseeable future.CEOs attending the 7th Annual Leadership Summit in Palm Beach, ...

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Is “Corporation” a Dirty Word?

I was at a social event recently in suburban New York where a group discussion turned to current affairs. I was stunned by the depth of negative feeling toward “corporations.” One person said corporations were the reason there is so much conflict in the world. Another said, “I think the reason the U.S. government is doing so poorly is that ...

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