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Wealth CreatorsI am writing to inform you of an error in “CEO Wealth Creators … and Destroyers,” (November/December 2008). According [...] Conversations with the Editor , Feedback January 30 2009

Why Johnny Can’t Export

You’d think that with U.S deficit in goods and services hitting $725 billion in 2005 that a great debate would [...]

William Holstein Conversations with the Editor February 20 2006

My Pet Peeves: Why Does Anyone Listen to Economists?

Doesn’t anybody know that economists don’t know what they’re talking about?

William J. Holstein Editor In Chief Chief Executiv Conversations with the Editor March 7 2006

The six things CEOs don’t understand about PR people

 There’s a huge gulf between chief executive officers and their public relations people, whether on staff or at an outside [...]

Bill Holstein Conversations with the Editor March 28 2006

CEOs Voting With Their Feet

Dell’s decision to double its workforce in India to 20,000 people and Wal-Mart’s plan to hire 150,000 people in China are part of a massive shift in hiring patterns.

Bill Holstein Conversations with the Editor March 21 2006

The 6 Business Books That Ought To Be Written

After picking the Six Worst Business Books last week, several respondents challenged me to offer my ideas for new business books.

Bill Holstein Conversations with the Editor March 21 2006

If Not Rick Wagoner, Then Who?

product love). Product love wins.
nTo your four points
n1. Changing a culture takes five years. Wagoner is in year one. A new leader would also be in year one. Maybe a half year penalty for the change.
n2. Didn’t take over North American ops soon enough . . . almost seems like one of the points the board might have on the reasons for firing.
n3. Pay cuts and exempt firings are needed. A bankruptcy would allow the logical equivalent to happen to the hourly folks.
n4. I agree with your fourth point.”"

Including A Late Model Corvette).n<font Conversations with the Editor April 4 2006

Why Succession is a Continuity Issue

Why is CEO continuity so difficult? According to Challenger, Gray’s league table of CEO departures of the past 12 months [...]

JP Donlon Conversations with the Editor , Editor's Note June 22 2009

Leadership Imperatives

As you read this, Barack Obama will have been inaugurated as the U.S.’s 44th chief executive. Fittingly, as the U.S. [...]

JP Donlon Conversations with the Editor , Editor's Note , Leadership January 30 2009

Fairness to Whom?

In a new and clever appraisal of the evolving sociopolitical world, David M. Smick’s book The World Is Curved: Hidden [...]

JP Donlon Conversations with the Editor , Editor's Note October 8 2008

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