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Where’s the Venture Capital?

Investment activity is bouncing back, but startups still face a crisis in seed funding

William J. Holstein Capital , Corporate Finance July 11 2012

Time to Invest in Early-Stage Fund

  Encouraged by declining operating costs in financing startup companies, venture capital firms and angel investors feel the current economic [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Capital , Corporate Finance October 1 2008

What Can Be Done At State and Local Level

While debate swirls over what role the federal government should play in easing the nation’s seed funding crisis, experts say there are steps that can be taken regionally to improve flows of capital to start-ups Capital , Corporate Finance July 20 2012

Four Paths to Unconventional Capital

While crowdsourcing gets all the ink, alternative-financing models also include less sexy BDC (Business Development Company) investment funds, equipment buybacks [...]

Lynn Russo Whylly Capital , Financing/Investing/Startups May 20 2014

Why CEOs Should Know About BDCs

When a multi-location provider of end-of-life care with $38 million in revenues needed $13 million in financing for a dividend, it did not find the funds at a bank. Rather, it used a Business Development Company (BDC).

Lynn Russo Whylly Capital May 18 2014

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