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Will a New Bank Rule Reduce Companies’ Access to Capital?

Banks will need to write off loan losses at the start of each repayment cycle—before even one payment is in arrears—starting in 2020, a dramatic change that will require steeper loan reserves and possibly reduce businesses' access to capital across the United States.

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M&A Reaches Record Levels: Should You Capitalize on the Current Market’s Opportunities?

The global mergers-and-acquisitions scene has come back in a healthy way, and some might say that the preliminary agreement between Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller is simply the froth on the top of the M&A beer glass. The question on the tips of many CEOs’ tongues, however, is whether these events represent opportunities that won’t last and that they should take advantage of.

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A Surge in VC Funding Is Putting Large and Mid-Market Company CEOs to the Test

CEOs and business owners should beware: with a fresh round of VC funding, startups are popping up like weeds in a lawn. As a result, large and mid-market businesses are finding themselves being surprisingly disrupted. Our advice to all CEOs: be prepared to counter this trend.

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