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The Possibility of a Recession Has Some CEOs Worried

Predictions of a possible recession—as evidenced by decelerated hiring activity, rising labor costs, stagnant productivity, and decreasing profits—have some CEOs running scared. However, others think these fears are unfounded.

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3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Chief Revenue Officer

In late July, Yahoo released a disappointing sales forecast for the third quarter and, just days later, announced the appointment of Lisa Utzschneider as chief revenue officer. After integrating all of the company’s disparate sales teams together, CEO Marissa Mayer was hoping Utzschneider could uncover new ad revenue streams. Should you be doing the same?

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There Is Relief in Sight for Frivolous Merger Litigation From Shareholders

Today, almost every merger involving publicly traded target companies draws multiple shareholder lawsuits. In fact, a study by Matthew D. Cain and Steven M. Davidoff found that in 2013, plaintiffs filed lawsuits challenging 97.5% of deals valued at more than $100 million, and each of those transactions triggered an average of seven separate lawsuits.

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