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CEOs Move With Caution as a Result of the Fed’s Delay on Interest Rate Increases

While investors may punish markets because the Fed didn’t raise interest rates at its mid-September meeting, many CEOs are completely comfortable with the fact that U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen and the Fed’s board of governors decided to heed global uncertainties and leave the main borrowing rate near zero for at least a few months longer.

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Companies Are Already Moving to Thwart Effects of the Upcoming ‘Cadillac Tax’

The fate of the “Cadillac tax” in the contract talks between the Detroit Three automakers and the United Auto Workers union that are supposed to be wrapping up this month will cast the highest profile yet on the Obamacare provision that slaps a 40% excise tax on employers that offer the highest-cost health plans.

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Amid Global Market Storms, it’s Critical to Stay Ahead of the Pension Risk Curve

While markets reacted to China’s recent decision to devalue its currency, and as stocks swooned, the Chinese government announced that the nation’s pension funds had been approved to invest in stocks for the first time in history. Such milestones—along with plummeting oil prices and fiscal woes in emerging markets—add layers of complexity to the issues faced by plan sponsors. Now more than ever, it is time for CEOs to have strategic discussions with their CFOs about pension risk management and what steps they should take, not only in the face of market upheaval, but also in light of some new data that adds further dimension.

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Should You be Hiring a ‘Chief Accounting Officer’?

Thanks to more stringent monitoring and regulation of corporate financial statements, there’s been a dramatic rise in the number of American companies adding a “chief accounting officer” to the C-suite. The purpose of the CAO is to assist the CFO in all aspects of accounting and regulatory compliance.   

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A Surge in VC Funding Is Putting Large and Mid-Market Company CEOs to the Test

CEOs and business owners should beware: with a fresh round of VC funding, startups are popping up like weeds in a lawn. As a result, large and mid-market businesses are finding themselves being surprisingly disrupted. Our advice to all CEOs: be prepared to counter this trend.

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