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Finding Funding


Without easy access to bank credit lines, CEOs of companies that were not already well-capitalized must get resourceful to find the necessary cash to operate. While access to capital isn't exactly quick and easy, there are a number of ways for solid mid-size companies to ease cash flow even in the current financial freeze.

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Financing in a Financially Unfriendly world

In less than six months, Wall Street saw six top-tier banks and financial institutions perish or merge and the consolidation of several more. While credit markets show some easing since the height of the squeeze, it is clear that all but very large companies face continued uncertainties, liquidity problems and access to capital with amenable terms.“It’s tough out there for ...

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The Significance of Marketing in Challenging Times

While most of the companies are busy cutting cost and downsizing budgets owing to the current economic crisis, industry pundits are of the opinion that it is not only essential to hold on to the existing marketing budget allocations, but also bolster them to extract maximum out of the opportunities triggered by the onset of recession.’   “Don’t cut that ...

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The Private M&A

Limited research has not yet suitably explained why private companies would sell under disadvantageous terms. Among existing empirical studies, some fail to provide adequate support to explain the phenomenon, while others suggest there is more to the problem.

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Time to Invest in Early-Stage Fund

  Encouraged by declining operating costs in financing startup companies, venture capital firms and angel investors feel the current economic conditions favor starting an early-stage venture capital fund. Commenting in his blog post, “Angel Investing, Entrepreneurship and Learning”, Brock Blake, a serial entrepreneur and CEO of the FundingUniverse.com, a market place which connects qualified entrepreneurs with active VCs, angel investors ...

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How to Use Investment Bankers

Notwithstanding all talk about their gargantuan bonuses, investment bankers evince no chagrin about the fees they charge. They unabashedly retort that they are paid only a small fraction of the value they add to transactions. It is this “value-added,” they claim, that justifies their hefty emoluments, that when they raise billions of dollars in public offerings or get a few ...

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A Philosophy of Investment Banking

Investment banking is the business of money. Its primary purpose is to link users of capital with providers of capital, seeking optimum financial efficiency for both. It is the intermediary channel through which capital is distributed efficiently and exchanged effectively. As such, investment banking claims to be capitalism’s critical mechanism for facilitating the resource allocation decisions that epitomize the free ...

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