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Olympus Makes Mistake by Firing CEO

Chief Executive's JP Donlon sees a huge mistake in Olympus' firing of CEO Michael Woodford, predicting the Japanese camera company will gain notoriety for its managerial obtuseness.

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Quotas can close the gender gap in the board room

The number of women sitting on corporate boards in the U.S. consistently hovers around 10 percent – a number that it not representative of the number of women in the workforce.  This isn’t a new issue and isn’t an issue unique to the U.S. Some other countries, however, have taken a legal route in balancing the numbers: quotas. Columbia Business ...

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Innovation Inspiration: 5 business leaders to follow on Twitter

Twitter has become a very busy space for sharing thoughts, articles, breaking news and more.  So with all of the chatter, you’re bound to be missing some great information.  Here, Entrepreneur asked an ad agency director, Mario Schulzke, to put together a list of five business innovators to follow on Twitter.  CEOs may be able to take some great ideas ...

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