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Data Hacking: What Board Members Need to Know

Boards of directors are finding themselves in a position of having to shore up their tech skills in an area where, a year ago, they didn’t have any skills at all beyond simply asking the CTO, “Is our data security working? Great. Good. Have a nice day.” Now they’re struggling simply to understand the right questions to ask.

Lynn Russo Whylly Boards of Directors , Data Security/Cyber Security July 14 2014

What CEOs Should Learn from Target’s CEO Resignation

No company—big or small—is safe from potentially devastating cyber attacks. Here’s how you can protect your company—and your own reputation.

Tom Pettibone Data Security/Cyber Security July 9 2014

A Data Privacy Checklist: 10 Things the CEO Should Do to Protect Against an E-tastrophe

Protecting data has become increasingly complex and expensive. Here are 10 ways CEOs can reduce the complexity of the challenge and successfully protect their companies and their reputation.

Timothy Cornell Data Security/Cyber Security June 12 2014

How to Prevent Becoming the Next “Target” of a Data Security Breach

The Boston Globe said it best last week in the headline, “Target’s data theft leaves CEOs everywhere on the hot seat.” If it wasn’t clear prior to December of last year, it is now: CEOs, data security is ultimately your responsibility.

Lynn Russo Whylly Data Security/Cyber Security May 7 2014

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