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Election 2010: Likely Scenarios and Implications for CEOs


Panelists Frank Luntz, CEO of The World Doctors and pollster; Mark Penn, worldwide CEO of Burson-Marsteller and president of Penn Schoen Berland; and Michael Barone, senior political analyst, Washington Examiner, discussed the upcoming election at Chief Executive's CEO2GOV Summit. Here are excerpts from the discussion, which was moderated by Chief Executive's J.P. Donlon.

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Growing Profits, Growing Jobs


CEOs, thought leaders, and the nation's top policymakers gathered in the nation'scapital on June 8, 2010 to exchange ideas, build relationships and discuss the evolvingrelationship between business and government. Here are some of the highlights from the CEO2GOV Summit.

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How Healthy is Healthcare Reform?

The stakes in Washington’s epic battle to reform healthcare are high. Trillions of dollars, the re election prospects of dozens of politicians including the president and, last but far from least, the quality of care available in the U.S. all depend upon a successful outcome.And what, exactly, would constitute “success?” Broadly, success in this case would be defined as achieving ...

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The Employee No Choice Act

Now that Barack Obama has won the presidency and Democrats control both houses of Congress, a major sea change in labor relations law is afoot. Thus far the Employer Free Choice Act (EFCA) has sailed under the radar of CEOs, whose agenda includes taxation, energy, free trade, health care and the nagging worries over the ever widening bailout. But unless ...

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Polls Shape Public Opinion, Not Reflect It

If I were a cynic, I might say that marketing is when you lie to your customers and market research is when you lie to yourself. Fortunately, most people don’t believe everything they read. Neither should they believe the accuracy of the incessant polling that is inundating the airwaves during this election season. The fact that polls covering the same ...

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Debate Over


It is clear jobcreating Business leaders chose McCain over Obama largely because his policies are seen as progrowth, whereas Obama's policies are viewed as redistributive and anti-growth.

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