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Debate Over


It is clear jobcreating Business leaders chose McCain over Obama largely because his policies are seen as progrowth, whereas Obama's policies are viewed as redistributive and anti-growth.

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McCain Should Consider Blogging!

For Bill Marriott, online acquaintance is all about being up to date with the changing times. “Online proficiency – with about 73 percent of Americans using the Internet – is very important because in today’s society it proves that you are current and you’re keeping up with the changing times,” says Bill Marriott, CEO Marriott Group of Hotels. Writing for ...

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Election Education

 As we enter the high season of the quadrennial circus called the U.S. presidential election, and as I hear the positions and watch the behaviors of the major candidates, I am compelled to compare CEOs of countries with CEOs of companies. How are they similar? How do they differ? I begin by recognizing that while I was president of my ...

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US Business Finds New Friends in Democrats, Abandon GOP Pals

Who’s getting what? In the run up for the US presidential election, Democrats are way ahead in tapping funds from corporations in comparison to Republicans. About 70 percent of the corporate political donations from the top wall street securities firms have all gone to the Democrat’s kitty. Interestingly, companies which favored Republicans in the last election in  2004 have also ...

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Political Party Problems

Of late, I’ve been following large organizations in historic flux. Consider, on the one hand, the Democratic and Republican parties of the U.S., and on the other, the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China. The three may seem to be polar opposites but they have much in common. And if my partisan readers are mystified, perhaps angered, by ...

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Permanence & Politics

It struck me when I was writing two articles at the same time, both on politics, largely late at night. One was for an American publication on the new generation of Chinese leadership, appointed last October at the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party, which is held every five years. The second was for a Chinese publication on the ...

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Draft Fred for President? Don’t Bother

Recently I was asked to appear on David Asman’s Nightly Business Scorecard on the newly launched Fox Business News channel. (Since the fledgling business network is barely three months old and is not always offered by local cable/satellite providers you may not be aware of it.) The subject under discussion was whether CEOs make credible political leaders. Asman’s hook was that ...

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