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Job Creators Prefer John McCain 4-to-1 Over Barack Obama

Over 70 percent of CEOs fear an Obama presidency will be a disaster

Chief Executive CEO Confidence Index , Election Center October 8 2008

Clinton Is Favored to Win By Oddsmakers

Who will be the next president? This is rather a complex question for now. However, market predictions declare a near [...]

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi Election Center August 20 2007

Lessons from the Chief CEO

It’s all about Marketing

Bob Donnelly Election Center November 18 2008

Election Education

 As we enter the high season of the quadrennial circus called the U.S. presidential election, and as I hear the [...]

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Election Center July 23 2008

Permanence & Politics

It struck me when I was writing two articles at the same time, both on politics, largely late at night. [...]

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Election Center March 5 2008

Political Party Problems

Of late, I’ve been following large organizations in historic flux. Consider, on the one hand, the Democratic and Republican parties [...]

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Election Center April 22 2008

The Making of a U.S. CEO

What can business executives learn from political candidates?

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Election Center October 29 2007

The State of the States

Past surveys have distinguished a group of emerging leaders in corporate site selection. These days, the winners are Utah, Arizona, Texas, and Tennessee, but the competition is fierce. The battle for the business of businesses is intensifying. What can states do to make it into the top tier?

Dale Buss Best & Worst States , Election Center May 6 2011

The Eleven-Three Theory

Twelve reasons why economic conditions will improve after November 3rd.

Dale Buss Election Center November 1 2010

Examining the CEO to Politician Path

The business performance of CEO Mitt Romney has become a central issue in the presidential campaign, as the Republican candidate tries to leverage his achievements as head of Bain Capital and the Winter Olympics into a narrative of leadership success that would make him just the right president for these difficult economic times.

Dale Buss Election Center , Governance/Compliance September 2 2012

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