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5 Stances on Capitalism from GOP Candidates

Throughout the recent weeks there has been significant discussion of capitalism among republican candidates. Mitt Romney has been taken through the ringer for his time at private equity firm Bain Capital. Here, we break down where each candidate stands on capitalism (a subject that CEOs know all about).

JP Donlon CEO Briefing Newsletter , Election Center January 19 2012

85 Percent of CEOs Rank Obama’s Performance as ‘Weak’ or ‘Poor’

According to a recent Chief Executive poll, CEO approval of President Obama’s performance is even lower than his overall approval ratings. More than 85 percent of CEOs think that the president is doing a ‘weak’ or ‘poor’ job, with fully 60 percent of CEOs saying that the president is doing a poor job (giving him a score of 1 or 2 out of 10). Heading into an election year, the president is going to need to sway the opinion of CEOs if he’s going to find success. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Election Center September 22 2011

90 Percent of CEOs Expect Romney to Be GOP Nominee, but Only 44 Percent Say He is 1st Choice

When asked which GOP candidate is most likely to take the nomination, 89.4% of CEOs expect that Mitt Romney will end up on the ballot. Though Romney is still the most popular candidate among CEOs, nowhere near 90% favor him over all the rest. Just under 44% (43.9%) favor Romney, but 17.5% like Gingrich, 12.3% Huntsman and 10.7% are going for Santorum. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Election Center January 12 2012

90% of CEOs think Romney will be on the ballot come November Election Center October 13 2011

A National Addiction to Deficit Spending

If you can afford a lobbyist and make campaign contributions, you can be immune from the tax collector and be assured your special interests receive federal funding. So how will this pattern of leadership affect Americans? Some warn that the dollar might fall even more sharply in value.

Ronald R. Pollina Election Center , Global Business , Governance/Compliance May 19 2011
Best-Worst States Map Thumbnail

Best/Worst States for Business 2011

Texas reigns supreme for the seventh consecutive year in our annual Best and Worst States for Business survey. Over 550 CEOs ranked and graded the states on their overall business-friendliness. Rounding out the top three are North Carolina and Florida, while once again California landed at the bottom.

JP Donlon Best & Worst States , Election Center , Election Center May 3 2011

CEOs Expect GOP to Regain Control of House, Split in Congress May Be Good for Economy

CEOs expect the Republicans to gain control of the House in the elections, but fall short in gaining control of [...]

Ceo Briefing - Nov. 2 2010 Election Center November 2 2010

CEOs Flip Flop on All GOP Candidates Except for Romney

Since we started election polling in September, CEOs have proven to be just as fickle as the rest of the U.S., and a number of candidates have seen a rise and fall in CEO favor. The only candidate who has remained at the top throughout it all is Mitt Romney. Will his popularity endure until the GOP convention? CEO Briefing Newsletter , Election Center January 19 2012

CEOs Pick Their Best and Worst Presidential Candidates for Business

According to a recent survey by Chief Executive magazine, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the best and Arizona Senator [...] Election Center August 24 2007

CEOs Prefer Romney as GOP Candidate, Cain Rising Fast

CEOs want Mitt Romney to be the Republican Party presidential nominee in 2012. Over 43 percent of CEOs would prefer to see Mitt Romney on the ballot vs. 25.6 percent who would prefer to see another CEO candidate, Herman Cain. Rick Perry’s favor plummeted; only 5.1 percent of CEOs prefer the Texas Governor now, compared to 27.9 percent in September. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Election Center October 13 2011

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