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Entrepreneurial CEO

Lifecycle Quiz for CEOs

Company’s, like people, go through a natural evolution from their entrepreneurial beginnings or embryonic phase, through the growth phase into maturity, and if they are not careful they can age prematurely and eventually die. The individual products that make up the company sales have their own product lifecycles as well.The problem is that many CEOs do not know where their ...

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Virtual Marketing Benefits for the CEO

Almost every company has a web site these days. But, are you using the internet to market more effectively? The internet has allowed marketers to promote their value propositions and talk directly to customers in ways never before possible. And, we constantly hear that this way of one-to-one marketing has fostered more customer centric strategies.However, from what I see not every CEO ...

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Saturn – A Lesson for CEOs

When GM introduced Saturn with great fanfare back in 1990 I wondered to myself “will this new GM brand ever be what it can be, or will it just become another tarnished brand added to the heap along with all the others”?Remember the “little” Cadillac brand – the Cimarron? Or, the Chevy – Vega? How about the Pontiac – Aztec, ...

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How CEOs can Sweeten their Marketing

As I have said many times??it’s about customers ! Today there is more information about customers than ever before, and more being generated every minute. And, there are many ways to motivate them all the way from simply putting your logo or marketing message on m&m’s and packaging them in a variety of creative ways, to more effective loyalty programs, to ...

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What CEOs Can Learn From Political Marketing

For years I have marveled at our political process and the marketing aspects of it.Every four years we go through the product life cycle of a President. In many ways this is very much like the life cycle of any brand.Depending upon a host of uncontrollable factors like wars, global climate crises and economic issues, the incumbent President either remains ...

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The CEO’s Entrepreneurial Dilemma

Over the years we have watched as one company after another that rose to be the current brand of choice and delighted us with their innovations quickly fell from favor shortly after the founder left the business.What is it that has to be learned and learned again about the predictability of the age old life cycle and the entrepreneurial spirit? One ...

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