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Entrepreneurial CEO

Lifelong Learning and the CEO


There is a perpetual controversy about the value of the MBA degree. Books are published weekly about one form of new management philosophy or another. Well known and respected CEOs and a variety of consulting guru’s selectively endorse almost every new book that is published. Leadership forums and annual conferences featuring business leaders and academic experts from leading schools of business ...

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The CEO Scorecard


I’ve visited with a lot of CEO’s who were interested in knowing what to have on their radar screens at all times. I call these critical issues that are the drivers in any business – Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Frequently, all I see CEO’s looking at are the typical financial results at the end of the month, quarter or year. Granted these ...

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Zen and the Art of Startup Maintenance


Watching Steve Larsen climb rickety steps into the unheated ad hoc conference room on the second floor of the funky, old, legacy Casa Mills building in Menlo Park, California, you’d have no idea that hours earlier he was finishing an assignment for RoadRunner magazine testing BMW’s new top-of-the-line, dual sport motorcycle on an eleven-day tour over the backroads of Turkey. ...

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The Power of Adversity


Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.

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Brand Equity and the CEO


Brands exist in the mind and our minds are full of familiar images that we instantaneously recall when prompted by sights, sounds, smells and other stimuli. How do these imprints get etched in customer’s mental product grids? And, what is the role of the CEO in this process of creating and maintaining these brand images or positions in the mind? Marketing authors ...

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The Six Laws of Effortless Networking to Attract More Business


Ask yourself this question. Would you rather make a cold call or follow up with a qualified referral; that is, someone who has already expressed some level of interest in your product as a result of an endorsement from someone else? Okay, so maybe this question can be classified as a rhetorical question. If you would rather build your business off ...

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Permission-Based-Email Marketing


iContact began in 2003 as a permission-based e-mail marketing application. At the application’s core, it allowed you to upload a list of contacts that had requested to receive e-mails from your organization, add a sign-up form to your Web site, select a template, paste in your content, and distribute your newsletter, then view the opens and clicks while managing the ...

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Instilling the Value Proposition


One of the greatest challenges for any CEO is to get his  entire organization to “walk the talk”  in order to make every customer experience enjoyable as well as satisfying. It’s true that many firms have mission statements that incorporate  their  credos about  customer satisfaction. Some even  post these throughout all their locations as well as  on their web sites. But, as ...

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The Entrepreneurial Academic CEO


We fondly recall our time as students and a few professors that made a lasting impression on us. We are also proud alums and may even have our school decal on our cars. But, we do not often think of this wonderful resource right in our backyards and the Academic CEO’s who are creating a new educational model for lifelong learning ...

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Want New Business Opportunities? Look Inside!


Conceiving new business ventures is not as mysterious and elusive as most wannabe entrepreneurs believe. You don’t have to create a novel industry or learn a new skill. In fact, one of the easiest ways to uncover business opportunities is to leverage what you already know.  Over the years, I’ve become a firm believer in applying existing knowledge to new ...

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