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Entrepreneurial CEO

Private Label Rights: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time


When you’re doing business on the web, it should be obvious that you will have a great deal of competition. In order to set yourself apart from all of the other small businesses that offer products and services similar to those that you offer, you need to have an Internet marketing plan. A good Internet marketing plan, these days, must ...

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Leaders Should Manage for Values


Everyone knows that leadership involves values.  But many business leaders do not understand exactly how values relate to leadership.  That’s not their fault.  It’s the fault of today’s conventional wisdom of managing by values.  The truth is that leaders should manage for values.  To manage for values is to treat values as ends in themselves.  To manage by values is to ...

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CEO’s Role in New Product Development


Most customers don’t really know what they want next, but one thing is for sure – they have a list of problems that they are looking for a solution for. These problems represent opportunities for new product development for the savvy CEO and most of the time the solution is quite simple. How simple was the “Swiffer”? Who wants to mess around ...

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Converting CEO Vision into Action


Many CEOs that I have talked to have told me that one of their biggest problems is getting their team to understand and implement their vision for the future of their business. If you are experiencing this same problem you need a catalyst to help you clarify your vision for your team. The natural question is “who are these change agents”? They ...

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Beating the Blob of Bureaucracy

Back in the 1950s a very young Steve McQueen starred in what has become a classic sci-fi horror film titled simply The Blob. In the movie, once the “Blob” (it was probably just warm Silly Putty) was released from inside a meteor that had struck the earth, it methodically grew from within itself and slowly but surely enveloped, smothered and ...

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Customer Information


Have you ever wondered what happens to all the information the local supermarket collects when they scan your personal information tag on your key chain when you check out? Obviously they know what you bought in great detail, the day and time you shopped, how much you spent, and how much profit they earned on your visit, and they have been ...

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Customer Relationship Marketing


A lot of CEO’s that I have met and helped over the years thought that they were in the product business. Selling products to customers.What I got them to understand that helped them refocus was that you are in the customer business. Your business is about finding, satisfying, delighting and growing the value of a customer.I’d like to share a ...

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Lateral Thinking for the 21st Century

My unusual 30-year career success as a start-up entrepreneur was built on two classic concepts: first, creating extraordinary moments of truth, then continuously surprising my customers through creative lateral thinking. When people talk about the customer experience, they are often thinking about customer service — a smile at the counter, speed in delivery of products or services, front-line employees who ...

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When Sales Are Stalled and Profits Flat

Most entrepreneurial CEOs don’t have the economic safety net to tolerate slow market adoption of their new products.  When faced with a sluggish reception, marketing and sales teams typically suggest traditional solutions such as branding programs, reducing prices to gain faster adoption, spending more on marketing promotions, adding features to the product or service or casting a wider net – ...

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Why Didn’t they See It Coming? How CEOs can avoid being blindsided in business.


What do Don Imus, the recently reviled and fired CBS shock jock, and Robert Nardelli, the former chief executive of Home Depot and well regarded GE executive, have in common? Neither Imus nor Nardelli Saw It Coming. They were completely blindsided by the actions of their employers. Both Imus and Nardelli believed that they had total control over their respective ...

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