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Mobile Marketing


What critical items do you have with you all the time these days?Your wallet or purse, your keys, and €¦.. your cell phone!

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Marketing vs. Selling – What’s the difference?


Creating anything new is exciting. The thought of what a new business might become is exhilarating. The pursuit of that dream is the passion that drives every entrepreneur.However, this euphoria can quickly turn to chaos. Events can overwhelm the inexperienced start-up team. Many founders have watched as their great technology slipped through their hands and was exploited by others who ...

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Setting Goals When the World Turns Upside Down


Goals are tied to how the business is positioned. In a complex and rapidly changing world, the nature of the goals as well as their magnitude may need to be radically different. Ann Moore, president of Time Inc., a unit of Time Warner, faced precisely that challenge as 2005 drew to a close. Ad pages for Time Warner’s flagship magazines, ...

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Confront Behaviors That Harm the Team’s Effectiveness


Leaders often avoid conflict, hoping that a problem with one of their direct reports’ behavior will somehow resolve itself. They seldom do. When I observed George he was two years into his tenure as CEO of a company in a fast-paced industry heavily dependent upon technology. He was having a lot of trouble molding his team of direct reports. He ...

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It’s Lonely At The Top


CEO’s of growing firms often find themselves in need of someone to turn to for advice on how to deal with a myriad of issues as their businesses grow.No one knows everything and for many entrepreneurial CEO’s this is especially true when it comes to accounting, finance, marketing and even management in some cases. While typically masters of their technology ...

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Judgment and Strength of a Leader


The greatest psychological challenge in setting and acting on priorities has to do with resource allocation. Whether in a group meeting or through conventional budgeting and capital approval processes, you have to demonstrate judgment and courage in making resource allocation decisions that reflect your business priorities and in following through to ensure that the things that should be happening in ...

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Building Momentum


Many entrepreneurs who start up a new venture may not secure, or even seek, private investment to back its launch, opting instead to self-fund it – more commonly known as “bootstrapping.” While that certainly keeps more control and percentage of equity within the organization, doing so brings about its own challenges. Among them, include the need to quickly and effectively ...

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Why Plan?


You would think that anyone starting a business would have a well thought out and written business plan – wouldn’t you?How about someone who has been in business for years – maybe? But the truth is that many CEOs of growing firms do not have a well done business plan. Some don’t even have a good budget. Case in point: ...

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What becomes of the house that Jack built?

This month next year, the icon of late 20th century business leadership retires after 20 years-roughly two normal CEO tenures-as General Electric's CEO. The question everybody is asking is, "Who will succeed Jack Welch?" Arguably, the more interesting question is, "What kind of company should GE become after he leaves?" CE asked four GE watchers to anticipate what the future could hold for GE in a post-Welchian world.

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