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Virtual Marketing Benefits for the CEO

Almost every company has a web site these days. But, are you using the internet to market more effectively? The internet has [...]

Chief Executive Entrepreneurial CEO January 15 2009

Saturn – A Lesson for CEOs

When GM introduced Saturn with great fanfare back in 1990 I wondered to myself “will this new GM brand ever [...]

Chief Executive Entrepreneurial CEO December 18 2008

CEO’s Conundrum – Profit Now or Later

How to keep innovation from being smothered by bureaucracy

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO December 1 2009

E Marketing Tools for CEOs

Kevin Roberts, the CEO of Satchi & Satchi, one of the worlds largest ad agencies in a recent e broadcast [...]

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO October 27 2009

Revisiting Planning Basics for CEOs

How simple it is, but how difficult it is to execute.

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO September 29 2009

The Techie and the Entrepreneur

Mutual admiration cements innovative partnership to capitalize on a niche market opportunity.

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO August 18 2009

The CEO’s New Strategic Imperative – Engagement

We have heard that old cliché that the lifeblood of every business is its employees so many times that it [...]

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO July 21 2009

Marketing by Assumption

Where did the Edsel, the Chevette, and more recently the Aztec and Phaeton come from?Certainly not the customer, but more [...]

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO June 25 2009

Lifecycle Quiz for CEOs

Company’s, like people, go through a natural evolution from their entrepreneurial beginnings or embryonic phase, through the growth phase into [...]

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO May 19 2009

Smart Mobile Tools for CEO’s

Targeting Customers on the Go has Arrived

Bob Donnelly Entrepreneurial CEO April 14 2009

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