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CEO of the Year Selection Committee, Roundtable and Luncheon

Since its inception in 1986 the Chief Executive of the Year Award has been a peer-nominated, and per-driven honor. Each year CE solicits nominations from readers and CEOs generally. (Only nominations from CEOs, presidents, chairmen, vice chairmen, CFOs or board directors are considered.) Readers and CEOs are asked to identify a business leader who has excelled in any of 10 ...

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Resourcing and Transforming the U.S. Army

Lt. General Speakes, deputy chief of staff for programs, G-8, and a veteran of commands in Operation Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom, is, in essence, the CFO of the armed forces, charged with developing a balanced fiscal strategy that does everything from recruiting a soldier when he or she enters the Army to finding the right weapon systems, right housing, ...

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Next-Generation Globalization

Oil price spikes, reeling markets, the implosion of global companies—clearly, the onward march toward a borderless world economy has hit a few roadblocks. Yet even as economies across the globe grapple with uncertainty and calls for greater regulation, corporations recognize that the current crisis brings growth opportunities along with challenges.Those enterprises able to effectively employ innovations and advances in information ...

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Re-Thinking Global Strategy

It’s no secret that the phenomenal growth stories of China and India are changing the global economy playing field. By the end of this year China will have surpassed Germany as the world’s third largest economy, behind the U.S. and Japan. In fact, projections suggest that between 2035 and 2050 the three biggest economies will be the U.S., China and ...

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Innovate or Perish

What is the next big profit opportunity? And, perhaps more important, how do business leaders dedicate resources to finding it during an economy in freefall?CEOs who gathered in November to discuss the challenge of stimulating innovation in a down economy universally agreed that innovation is the primary engine of growth and value creation—the path to a higher growth, higher margin ...

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Unlimited Bandwidth; Ubiquitous Access

The explosive growth in bandwidth and new forms of networking technology will allow marketers to reach communities of one or 100,000 with near equal ease and cost effectiveness. The confluence of Internet, mobile telephony, satellite communications and new media is a potentially game changing transformation that will disrupt historic methods of marketing products and services in unanticipated ways, changing the ...

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