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Why Do Some Politicians Still Not Get It?

THE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO FORCE THEIR IDEAS on you are generally the people with the ideas most divorced from [...]

Chief Executive Final Word March 4 2008

Real Change for a Change

CHANGE. IT’S THE NEW MANTRA. It’s why caucusers in Iowa rocketed Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee into international stardom. Everyone [...]

Chief Executive Final Word January 15 2008

The Board Bungled It

FOR ONE PRE-EMINENT FINANCIAL organization to lose its CEO is a misfortune, but for two prominent companies to lose their [...]

Chief Executive Final Word December 7 2007

Nothing to Fear from Free Trade

LEADERS IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, and even some Republicans, are taking a dark view of the country’s historic support of [...]

Chief Executive Final Word October 25 2007

Safe, Carbon-Free and About Time

ECONOMIC GROWTH and technological innovation are directly related to the availability of low-cost electricity. Each percentage increase in real GDP [...]

Chief Executive Final Word September 10 2007


Don’t Bail, Prevail IT SEEMS THERE ARE NEARLY AS MANY proposals to withdraw troops from Iraq as there are U.S. Senators [...]

Chief Executive Final Word July 22 2007

Can Outsourcing Solve Our Border Problem?

EVERY DOG HAS COCKED A LEG on the proposed immigration bill now hotly debated in the Senate. That Mexico has [...]

Chief Executive Final Word June 4 2007

Fire the World Bank

WITH ALL THE VITRIOL aimed at Paul Wolfowitz, who was brought down as president of the World Bank, a visitor [...]

Chief Executive Final Word June 4 2007

The Supremes Gone Wild

IT’S NOT JUST COLLEGE GIRLS who go wild during spring break. In its recent ruling criticizing the Environmental Protection Agency [...]

Chief Executive Final Word May 11 2007

Time to Remove Our SOX

IN A MOVE INTENDED to ensure the future competitiveness of U.S. financial markets, a newly formed commission will recommend changes [...]

Editiorial Final Word September 1 2006

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