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Will Healthcare Innovation Survive Fannie Med?

“If you think healthcare is expensive now, just wait until it’s ‘free’.” If current trends continue, national health spending will [...]

Humorist P.J. O’rourke Final Word August 21 2009

Why Do Some Politicians Still Not Get It?

THE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO FORCE THEIR IDEAS on you are generally the people with the ideas most divorced from [...]

Chief Executive Final Word March 4 2008

When CEOs drive diversity, everybody wins

  For Wally Parker, a recent conversation with a job candidate underscored the growing importance of his company’s longstanding diversity [...]

Chief Executive Final Word July 1 2005

What the Bond Market Is Telling Us

SUPPOSE THE U.S. TREASURY HELD AN AUCTION AND NO ONE CAME?It hasn’t quite come to that but investors are indicating [...] Final Word April 22 2010

Unintended Consequences

ONLY IN WASHINGTON WOULD ONE CONCEIVE OF PUNITIVELY TAXING AN INDUSTRY in order to pay to give away its products. [...] Final Word April 22 2010

Too Big to Fail’ Is Too Expensive By Half

IN HIS WASHINGTON POST OP-ED, J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon recently wrote, “The term ‘too big to fail’ must [...] Final Word November 25 2009

Time to Remove Our SOX

IN A MOVE INTENDED to ensure the future competitiveness of U.S. financial markets, a newly formed commission will recommend changes [...]

Editiorial Final Word September 1 2006

The Supremes Gone Wild

IT’S NOT JUST COLLEGE GIRLS who go wild during spring break. In its recent ruling criticizing the Environmental Protection Agency [...]

Chief Executive Final Word May 11 2007

The Regulatory and Fiscal Cliffhanger for SME CEOs

The typical small to medium company business leader must feel like Indiana Jones, but with his luck about to run out. Final Word September 19 2012

The Board Bungled It

FOR ONE PRE-EMINENT FINANCIAL organization to lose its CEO is a misfortune, but for two prominent companies to lose their [...]

Chief Executive Final Word December 7 2007

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