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What Makes a First-Time CEO Vulnerable?

Climbing to the penultimate rung in the corporate ladder to be considered for the CEO position requires hard work, long days and family relocations while chasing one promotion after another. The path is not for the timid, and although the journey teaches many things, it often neglects to teach one of the most important things a CEO must know: What drives shareholder value?

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The Road to the Corner Office: Looking for the On-Ramps

So what does it take to make it as a leader? Hard work? Talent? The ability to handle pressure? While all of these qualities are indeed important, it appears a crucial determinant is how many different job functions aspirants have performed over the course of their career.

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Timeless Leadership Qualities to Teach Future CEOs

It’s time to rethink how we develop leaders. As I engage with young professionals and executives, I continually hear that leadership hasn’t adapted quickly enough to the ever-evolving global business environment. That calls for a new approach.

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