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Is Nigeria the Next India?

An exotic and culturally unique location, a long history of Western colonization and independence, a grow ing population of educated young professionals, a third-world infrastructure, a tremendous business opportunity: 10 years ago, if you asked an expert in the global business community to associate a country with these statements, “India” was the reply you could expect. Fueled by seemingly insatiable ...

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India’s Outsourcing Boom

   The bumpy roads leading to Bangalore’s Electronics City are thronged with rickshaws, over-crowded buses, mopeds, noisy old trucks, ox-drawn carts of fruit and lumber-even the occasional cow ambling along, ignoring the blare of honking horns. Trash is strewn along the road, which is lined with aluminum shacks. In stark contrast to the chaotic street scene, are numerous cybercafes and ...

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