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Global Tax Avoidance Crackdown May Damage Earnings

A global crackdown on tax avoidance has spurred multiple multi-national companies to issue warnings that higher payments are set to have a negative impact on their earnings. More than twice the number of U.S. companies alerted investors to the likelihood of higher taxes in their 2015 accounts than in their 2014 accounts, the Financial Times said in reporting an analysis of company filings it had recently conducted.

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Why CEOs Should Be Concerned About China’s Stock Market Plunge  


Since January, the economy of China, the second largest in the world, has been on a choppy ride that scares many U.S. investors. Year to date, the Shanghai Composite Index has fallen more than 18%. Since the Index reached a high in June of last year, it has fallen more than 42%.

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The U.S. Economy May Not Support World Growth

Sputtering global growth, fueled by the collapse of commodity prices, China’s economic slowdown, and other factors, has many nations hoping to piggyback on the U.S. economy to bolster their own. However, the U.S. may not have sufficient strength to get the job done. Nations seeking to travel the economic improvement road on the U.S.’ back cite both the shape of ...

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Eurozone Stimulus Initiatives Draw Mixed Reaction


Eurozone stimulus initiatives announced last week by European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi impress some analysts, bankers, and economists, but have left others shaking their heads.

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Britain’s Central Bank Governor Warns of Brexit Fall-Out

Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, warned Tuesday that financial stability—of the UK and possibly the 28-member European  Union - could be threatened by a British exit from the European Union if the June Referendum vote favors leaving.

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‘Brexit’ Poses Potential Shock to World Economic System

June 23 has just been determined as the date when voters in Britain (as well as certain British expats) will weigh in as to whether that nation should leave the European Union (EU). Ahead of the referendum, there is trepidation about the economic impact of an affirmative answer to the question.

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South Korea Shores Up Against Economic Headwinds from the North

Looking out over downtown Seoul and the Han River.

South Korea’s top economic policymaker said Monday the government will strive to bolster exports to minimize negative economic impact from North Korea’s recent rocket launch and nuclear test. Yoo Il-ho suggested that China’s emerging demand economy will catalyze additional export growth, with free trade agreements with China, Vietnam and New Zealand which came online last year driving further trade expansion, ...

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