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Trans-Pacific Partnership for Trade Becomes Summer Lightning Rod

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact may or may not be endangered by wrangling in the U.S. Congress, depending on which pundit is doing the talking. And there will be dire consequences if it is passed – or if it isn’t passed – again depending on your point of view.

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8 Secrets to Building Successful Relationships in Asia

Over the last four decades, Asia has been a primary engine of global economic growth. This trumpets a call to action for all global CEOs: whether your company presently does business in Asia or not, you’d be well served to become culturally in tune with your Asian counterparts. Only then, as prime opportunities come knocking, can you build the most prosperous and profitable business relationships.

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Global Expansion Is a Key Goal for North American Mid-Market Firms

Global expansion is a growing driver for many middle-market companies, according to “Business Without Borders: International growth at mid-cap companies,” a report released this month by Mergermarket Ltd. on behalf of Mazars Group.

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Lessons From China: How Rolling With a Regulatory Setback Turned Into a Win-Win for Amway’s Steve Van Andel

By the time direct sales powerhouse Amway decided to expand into China in 1995, the company had an impressive track record at breaking into foreign markets. In fact, 50 percent of its revenues had been coming from overseas sales since the mid-’80s. 

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