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What Works for Nations Works for Business

The new book Why Nations Fail argues that nations flourish when they foster inclusive political and economic institutions, and they fail when power and opportunity are concentrated in the hands of the few. Like nations, CEOs need to practice inclusive decision-making if they hope to attain the performance magnitude they are aiming for.

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The PE Question

Private equity has suddenly become center stage in the media due to one presidential hopeful’s pedigree and his seeming inability to explain what it is or how it works to average voters.

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What’s Ahead for U.S.-Mexico Relations


Claudio Gonzalez, 72, is one of the few remaining members of a vanishing breed of senior business figures that have won both deep respect at home and a strong international reputation abroad. He served as the CEO of Kimberly-Clark de Mexico from 1973-2008. Here's what Gonzalez has to say about the future for U.S.-Mexico relations.

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A Tale of Two CEOs

We are told by the OWS crowd that the nation’s current economic problems are mostly due to the sinister machinations of the “1 percenters,” greedy corporate business leaders and Wall Street plutocrats who rig the system to their advantage and force students to take loans for their college education that they are unable to pay back. As with any caricature there are shadows that outline some truths.

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