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INfact: Business Facts for March 2010

Number of miles of railroad track controlled by Warren Buffett in 2010: 13,000  Number of miles controlled by Cornelius Vanderbilt [...]

John Kador Global Business March 8 2010

Innovation in Emerging Markets

Three critical factors should not be overlooked in  any strategy  aimed at emerging markets.

Scott Anthony Global Business January 29 2010

How Global Is Your Senior Team?

If more and more of your revenue and profits are coming from outside the U.S., should the composition of your top team reflect this?

Russ Banham Global Business , Leadership & Strategy , Talent Management January 21 2010

INfact: Business Facts for January 2010


John Kador Global Business January 20 2010

Is Mitigating Climate Change Worth It?

It comes down to this: What do we pay and what do we get?

James Manzi Global Business November 24 2009

Trust in Business on the Rise

U.S. businesses report increased levels of public trust

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi Global Business August 5 2009

Leveraging China and India

Anil K.Gupta And Haiyan Wang China , Global Business , India April 14 2009

How Obama Inherited the Colin Powell Rule

When Sweden refuses to bailout Saab and the French prime minister scolds the U.S. for excessive government spending the world [...]

JP Donlon Global Business April 2 2009

The Assault on Growth

Break out the John Travolta videos; if you liked the 1970s you will love the next four years.

JP Donlon Global Business , Governance/Compliance February 18 2009

Declining Public Trust in U.S. Business

  Although there is a considerable decline of trust in businesses at global levels, U.S. has had a significant impact [...]

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi Global Business February 5 2009

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